Write a Jangaleros song in 5 steps


You’ve pondered, you’ve scratched your head and pored over arcane tomes in hope of enlightenment…and yet, nothing! No guide to Janga-songcraft to be found. Well here, in 5 x simple steps, it is:

Step 1

Make a noise you like on something you like to make a noise on: Steve Stellar uses the dashboard of his starcruiser as a drum on long space-hops. He says it passes the time but it has also yielded up songs like “Hawking Fragment” from the forthcoming 4th album.

Step 2

Repeat above – add variation if you like (Jangaleros are not that big on variation but do go with your own flow)

Step 3

Sing over above – we do this involving stories of beginning, ending or just plain old songs of love affairs set amongst the stars. Example of beginning (this is where we began) below: http://jangaleros.bandcamp.com/track/wormhole-451

Step 4

Record above with friends – preferably sprinkling with otherworldy lead and backing vocals – example: https://jangaleros.bandcamp.com/track/blue-world

Step 5

Thank the universe for the inspiration – whether it was a cosmic ray sleeting through your brain or a chat over coffee with a friendly astronaut – all of these things can bring about a “cosmic shout”. – for as the exemplary Earthling, Ray Bradbury, said: “The Universe has shouted itself alive. We are one of the shouts.”